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Lazaro Faneitty

Lazaro | What life is like (for me)

Lazaro, 37 Kissimmee, FL, United States I was born with Spina Bifida. I can walk with braces on my legs. It’s definitely not easy. I wake up in pain every morning and fall asleep in pain. I’ve had numerous operations due to Spina Bifida. I struggle everyday with this disability, but I do what is […]

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Haley Eidsen

Haley | What life is like (for me)

Haley, 20 Fresno, CA, United States Wow, where do I start?…My short 20, almost 21, years of life have been quite a journey. First off, I was born into a Christian home and I’m a firm believer myself. I was born with Spina Bifida (obviously) and I’ve had 24 surgeries. I have some learning differences, […]

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Natalie Zayas-Bazan

Natalie | What life is like (for me)

Natalie, 29 Oceanside, CA, United States I’m not going to lie. My first instinct is to say my life with spina Bifida has been a nightmare but I also realize I’ve had bad luck and flukes. This isn’t normal so I hope you all don’t think it is. My understanding is spina bifida is a stable […]

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Describe what life is like (for you) with spina bifida

Through our social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+), we listen to this magazine’s readers and hear their stories. Two people may be born with a diagnosis of spina bifida, yet their experiences are completely different. Twitter follower, @tyre64 would like readers to describe what what their life is like (in a paragraph or two) for this magazine. […]

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Seeking medical expert to address reader questions

Canton, OH, United States —Faces of Spina Bifida online magazine seeks a medical professional (or clinic) to answer reader questions. Inquiries include how a birth defect impacts mobility compared to later-life injuries, appropriate exercise regimens, and which technological innovations could positively affect people living with spina bifida. Recommend a medical expert by submitting the form below:

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