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Welcome to Faces of Spina Bifida online magazinea place to celebrate diversity among people living with Spina Bifida. We are an online community where lives are chronicled, inspired, and connected.

Listing physical pains and disabilities to define people may help us understand a little bit of what it’s like to live with someone else’s medical condition. But statistics and facts do not fully demonstrate the limitations and potential of each human life. While exploring this online magazine, you will begin to formulate an idea of what it’s like for some people to live with a spina bifida birth defect.

The news articles on Faces of Spina Bifida are aggregated from other sources on the internet. We hesitate to change the language in the original story because as a collection, the site reflects patterns of behavior and attitudes around the world. We want our readers to say “That’s great” or “I don’t like how that is written.”

When we write and publish our own stories, we are careful to use People First Language.

Publisher Alyson Flynn is an entrepreneur and “idea girl” welcoming article submissions and advertising queries. Make your submissions through the contact page.

Writer, activist, spokesperson, Laura Tellado is an advisor to Faces of Spina Bifida online magazine. Book her as a speaker at your next event or visit her popular blog, Holdin’ Out For A Hero.

Feedback about the magazine:

Firstly, thank you. I appreciate your help more than you know & I look forward to hearing from the resources you mentioned.

Secondly, I don’t know what I was expecting when I emailed. A purely informative email? Not much of a response at all? I don’t know, but your email was compassionate & supportive, and I have to admit, that’s not what I was expecting, but it meant a lot. Hearing from someone who “got” all the things I felt but didn’t say was not only refreshing, it was encouraging.

I thank you for reading what I wasn’t saying and picking up on my fears/frustrations. Thank you for the FB & Twitter info, and for your email. It was greatly appreciated

Sue, reader from Michigan
via site Contact Form

I have SB…love your site and page
Dan Jeffares, via Facebook

Thank you for what you do for those with SB, and Mylo patients.
Frank DiMasso, via Twitter

Thank you for having this magazine and FB page! My daughter has SB L3-S3 and just turned 4. Its encouraging to see all these faces of adults and children, to know I have hope as does she to do things that she wants to do! Thanks and am really excited to keep up with all the info!!
Sasheen Gutierrez, via Facebook

@FacesofSB very amusing!!! Fame at last! Great website btw :-)
Karen Lewis-Archer, retired paralympian and one of our “Famous Faces”

 I’m looking at the site and it’s giving me goosebumps! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
Carla Magnoli, mother & agent of author Katherine Magnoli The Adventures of KatGirl

I’ve been following your site for a while, lots of great info.
Kind Regards, Sara Zimmerman

I cannot thank you enough for including baby Dot among your Famous Faces of Spina Bifida. Indeed she is “living an exemplary life” (and she was very honored to be included alongside John Mellencamp, Hank Williams, Sr., and Frida Kahlo!). She is a remarkable little soul, and I hope her journey is an encouragement to your wonderful readers.

Alyson, thank you so much for singing Dot’s song on FacesofSpinaBifida.com, and for encouraging folks to sponsor her. We are blessed to have you and your team in the Tabby’s Place family. I have attached some even more recent photos of Dot. :-)

Thank you again, and God bless you!
Warmly, Angela Townsend, Development Director, Tabby’s Place

I am a “fan” of your “Faces of Spina Bifida page on Facebook. I LOVE IT! I Love reading other people’s stories and feeling connected to so many wonderful people.

I appreciate the work you are doing for all of us. THANK YOU!!!
Many blessings to you, Shauna Bruce-Hamburger, Owner of Divine Potential