A Home for Woofster: Madison family raises more than $10,000 for son’s service dog

July 7, 2014   News

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Madison, Alabama, United States —You may remember the story we brought you earlier this summer about Everett Bradford, the fearless four-year-old with spina bifida. Everette is partially paralyzed and uses braces and a walker to get around, but a service dog could help him live a more active lifestyle. After establishing a fundraising page on GoFundMe, his family is one step closer to that dog.

“With spina bifida, you can’t walk usually or you have trouble,’” said Mandy Bradford as she kept a close eye on her son Everett.

Hope is on the way and its name is Woofster.

“We’re working really hard with canes,” said Bradford. “That’s one of the things Woofster will help out with. They have a special harness sort of like the same kind of harness people have seeing eye dogs use, they can get that and he can hold onto the dog while he’s working with the canes.”

Everett Bradford-2Thanks to the generosity of the community, Everett has raised more than $10,000 for an expensive, but necessary service dog. Woofster will be able to help Everette with daily activities, help him up if he falls, and fetch his cane if need be. The Bradford family is ecstatic that they can now begin the process of applying to get Woofster. “We believe God’s timing is perfect, we decided to do this and the goal was met much sooner than we thought so we feel like we’re able to move on.”

They hope to one day, to be able to repay the kindness in their own way. “It was a crazy humbling experience,” said Mandy. “I wish we could do it on our own but some times you have to step back and let other people do it because this whole process has shown me that people want to give, they’re willing to give when they see something that touches their hearts and we’re glad Everett touched peoples hearts.”

Everette has already named his dog, “Woofster,” after a popular superhero dog on one of his favorite television shows. The family hopes to have Woofster’s application approved and the dog trained within two years.