Allyson, sign language interpreter

October 7, 2013   Tributes

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Tribute PlaceholderJust found your magazine and am thrilled with the stories and content. My daughter, Allyson, was born 32 years ago with spina bifida, her lesion is between lumbar 4 & 5 and she does have a shunt.

The doctors said she would never walk but she did begin to walk at age 3 because she so dearly wanted to keep up with her brothers. She began using a wheelchair part time in the 7th grade due to a severe infection in her foot.

She always attended public school where she participated for a short time on the cheer leading squad. Four years ago she experienced an extended hospital stay with a shunt malfunction that caused an abscess at the base of her spine requiring extensive surgery. Through it all she remained patient.

Fast forward to today, Allyson lives independently in a house she purchased, she has a BA degree from the University of North Florida, she works as a Sign Language Interpreter since she wanted to help others, she loves sports and likes to try lots of things and she does drive with hand controls.

The stories of people who persevere through hardships and never give up is truly an inspiration. My daughter continues to inspire me today as I have learned many things from her.

Submitted by
Paula Steele
Michigan, USA