Backbones’ Reveca Torres Takes on BP

October 3, 2016   Opinion

New Mobility Magazine | Source

Photo by Kyle Lamere


Photo by Kyle Lamere

I saw a BP [British Petroleum] ad highlighting the sponsorship of five Paralympian athletes. I was very happy to see this and then immediately wondered if these disabled athletes are able to pump their gas. Is it a daunting task as it is for me? For many of us with disabilities, exiting our vehicle and navigating gas pumps is very difficult. For others with limited dexterity and reach, like myself, it is an impossible task. The law requires every gas station to pump my gas when there is more than one employee on duty, which has really not helped much in my case. …

BP sponsors Paralympics — great, keep it up! Please continue to do so because they need you! … However, the core product BP offers the public is not very accessible to 15 million drivers with disabilities.

— Reveca Torres, “Olympic-sized Fail by BP — Sponsoring Paralympic Athletes but are they pumping their gas?”

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