Carter, an active toddler ready to walk

July 18, 2014   Tributes

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Carter-2by Rebecca, a mom in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, United States —Our Son, Carter, was born February 26, 2013 with myelomeningocele spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and Arnold Chiari Malformation II. He is our Rock Star!

We live in Wisconsin and all his care is provided by the American Family Children’s Hospital of Madison, WI. From the day Carter was born, his biggest side effect is no sensation in his feet from the ankle down. At only a few hours old he had back closure surgery and at 3 weeks old, a VP shunt placement.

Since then, Carter thrives in everything he does. He stands on his feet, grabs them, knows they are there. Carter has even taken a few assisted steps. Carter has physical therapy for muscle toning twice each month and makes many accomplishments during each session. On August 1 of this year, Carter will receive his AFO leg braces. This is very exciting for Carter as he has the want and determination to walk. The braces will provide the stability he needs to accomplish this goal. Which his parents know he will do!

Carter-1Carter has an amazing personality and determination to not let anything stand in his way. His development and day-to-day activities show that he is going to change the face of Spina Bifida! He is and will continue to be amazing in whatever life hands him.

As Carter's mom and dad we just wanted to share his story and how proud of him we are. Carter also has a big brother, Gaven, who is one of his biggest fans. Gaven is such an awesome big brother and someone Carter will always look up to.

August 9th, we will be participating in the "Sprint for Spina Bifida.” This is the 21st annual event for the Wisconsin Spina Bifida Association. TEAM Carter is ready to go!!

Thank you for letting me share Carter's story. He is, as we tell everyone, our Rock Star!