Children Can Learn More to Make a Better Society

October 8, 2016   Opinion

Opetsi | Source

As a child with disability growing up was never easy for me as I was bullied from time to time. Giving it a thought, life could have been better for me and for more children who have disabilities if the bullies and other kids could have been made aware about different disabilities.
On Friday, I was requested to give a lesson about people with special needs at the Youth with a Mission base in Mwandege coastal Tanzania and the biggest lesson that I learnt is that our society can be a better place if children are taught and made aware of different situation and realty that people are living in.
I was more impressed when the children told me that for a better community children with different disabilities should join school. Moreover I learned that most of the kids had friends, close relatives and neighbors who had disabilities but never talk about it.
If our children can learn a little more about diversity, then that will minimize discrimination hence foster integration for people with disabilities and other special groups.
God bless!