Crip Buzz: There is No Replacement for My Wheelchair

June 1, 2016   Opinion

New Mobility Magazine | Source

When Gina Schuh wrote “My Wheelchair is My Legs, When it Breaks it IS an Emergency!” for, the Gilbert, Arizona, C5-6 quad with a law degree may have set off a revolution. Here is an excerpt:  

Gina SchuhMy wheelchair replaces my legs because they retired in 2003. I rely on it for 100 percent of my daily mobility. THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR MY WHEELCHAIR. Time to pee? Not without my wheelchair. Time to cook dinner? Not without my wheelchair. Time to go to the doctor? Not without my wheelchair. Plans to explore the world? Not without my wheelchair. Have a life? Not without my wheelchair. My wheelchair is my greatest accessory … and the worst. My wheelchair can either enable me to be mobile or disable me even more.

Just imagine breaking your leg, going to the doctor, and they tell you it will be almost a year before you can have surgery and you are forced to deal with it because you have no other option. Even three months would be insane! Well, that happens to wheelchair users all the time. When our wheelchair breaks, there is an utter lack of urgency for maintenance and chair replacement. Assistive technology providers have zero accountability for grossly negligent business practices including charging for services or parts that were never provided. Yeah, check your bills, friends.

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