Did We Only Take from the Civil Rights Movement?

September 23, 2016   Opinion

New Mobility Magazine | Source


For years I have taught how influential the Civil Rights Movement had been for many of the leaders and soldiers in the Independent Living Movement, so I am becoming increasingly concerned about why I am not seeing more disability leaders and activists speaking out more concerning the discrimination and oppression faced by Black America with current affairs and here’s why.

All through the independent movement we have learned and built strategies based on the actions taken by civil right fighters and protesters.

As a matter of fact, protests and sit-ins were one of the major tactics used to bring attention to how mainstream America treated people with disabilities unjustly, thereby discriminating and oppressing people with all types of disabilities. We used our voices well to communicate this unjust treatment.

To make our point even clearer, we (disability leaders and activists) will often say, people without disabilities just don’t see how they discriminate and oppress us:

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Theo Braddy, MSW, is the CEO of the Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania and adjunct faculty at Millersville University. A quadriplegic, he lives with his wife and children in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.