Disabled and Inspirational

November 27, 2014   Opinion

Tanya Krueger, blogger | Source

Disabled people are seen in the community more and more as they gain their independence. They may be seen shopping, working, or even at the local gym. (Yes, disabled people are capable of working out in some capacity) Some may need assistance and some may not. They are doing mundane day to day tas23-1ks that non – disabled people also do. Yet, when they are seen living their lives to the best of their ability the term “inspirational” is often thrown around.

It may be difficult for the disabled to do certain things. It may take them more effort or time to live as “normal” as possible. How is this inspirational? Its life and no one said it would be an easy one.

So why does society want to quickly coin them as inspirations? Why not the very pregnant lady, who worked all day and then goes grocery shopping? Or the old man that takes his dog for a walk every day? Or the teenager that volunteers in their community?

So why are they built up as inspirations when they did not choose to be disabled? They didn’t ask for this life, but it is their job to make the best of it. Some with disabilities are offended to be called inspirational some are not. The world is a tough place and inspiration is needed where ever we can get it. If others happen to feel inspired by the way the disabled live everyday life; so be it. I feel it is their job here on earth to educate and to make a positive impact on people.

Not all disabled want to inspire, impress or draw any extra attention that their disability already does. Some try to embrace it and are role models. All people, even the disabled may have different views on the subject. Good advice is that by calling the disabled inspirational without knowing them personally, is judging. The disabled population that is offended by the term inspirational may need to relax. The disabled have plenty of battles to overcome and I think being called inspirational should be one of the last.