Free and Useful Smartphone Apps

November 1, 2016   News

New Mobility Magazine | Source

Every year there are more smartphone apps designed to make an aspect of living with a disability a little bit easier. Here are three free and useful offerings available from Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Report Accessible Parking Violators

A GPS-based smartphone app, Parking Mobility puts the power in your hands to report violators parked illegally in accessible spots. It’s easy to use. Just open up the app, click on the plus symbol and click on “report.”


“Once you’re on there, we suggest you take photographs,” says Mack Marsh, project director for Parking Mobility. “Click on front window, the rear of the vehicle showing the license plate, and the vehicle parked in appropriately marked space.” Then click on the violation type, and data is sent to law enforcement. “If you’re in one of our partner communities, it’s reviewed by one of our law enforcement partners and the offender is mailed a ticket.” When the offender gets the ticket, they either pay it or agree to take a class. “And that class is most important, as it changes their behavior,” says Marsh.

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Find Out Within Minutes if You’re Eligible for Medicaid

The Medicaid Advisory Group, a consulting firm that assists people applying for the government benefit, has created the free Medicaid App, which lets people know within minutes whether they qualify. If a person does not qualify, the app gives them ideas of actions they can take in order to qualify.

“Medicaid is a mess. The qualification process has, over the years, become so complex and stressful that most people I encounter choose not to enroll at all because they don’t even know where to begin,” says Ginalisa Monterroso, CEO and founder of the Medicaid Advisory Group. “You can have a law degree and still get lost in the government bureaucracy. The Medicaid App gives consumers a quick look at whether they may or may not qualify for this government service.”

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