Gianna | What life is like (for me)

March 19, 2015   Opinion

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Editor's Note: Recently, Gianna messaged us on Facebook with the following. Her description of "What life is like (for me)" is below.

Hey guys here is my situation: I have Spina Bifida and I love to cook. I visited a college with a culinary program and they had safety concerns, which I understand. I feel discouraged but I'm gonna keep looking. Do you guys have any words for me or anything? Thanks.

Gianna, 16
Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States

My life with spina bifida is really really hard at times, but sometimes it's okay.

I have had 56+ surgeries and a ton of other procedures. I have also had countless hospital stays and am in constant pain everyday. 

But, I have God and a lot of other people who help me fight through obstacles. 

I am obsessed with cooking. After God, cooking is all I think about. I'm working on my second cookbook. Cooking is a great distraction for me and I am so grateful for that.