Haley | What life is like (for me)

February 24, 2015   Opinion

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Haley EidsenHaley, 20
Fresno, CA, United States

Wow, where do I start?...My short 20, almost 21, years of life have been quite a journey.

First off, I was born into a Christian home and I'm a firm believer myself. I was born with Spina Bifida (obviously) and I've had 24 surgeries.

I have some learning differences, as I call them. I have minor Tourette's. I'm allergic to morphine and codeine so my pain killers are pretty limited, since those are both ingredients in most other pain killers. I have been bullied and teased for my differences.

I am in my second year of college. I graduated high school with a certificate. I was in public school up to second grade then held back and homeschooled until sophomore year of high school because I wasn't learning as fast as I should. So I was put in special education.

I am currently at a continuation school and they have a program where you can get your high school diploma so I'm working on that. It's been one of the biggest challenges in my life but I've always been very stubborn and I don't give up if I really want something.

Besides my amazing family and friends loving and supporting me through everything, (I love you guys!!) I have a God who is deeply and madly in love with me. Sometimes I have challenging days and think my disability is a curse.

Other days, I see it as a blessing because everything I've been through has made me a stronger person and brought me closer to God. I would be a mess without God in my life. He has saved me many times when I've felt like giving up.

Anyway, that's a little bit about me! God bless you guys!

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