How Do You Cope When a Relationship Ends?

June 1, 2016   Opinion

New Mobility Magazine | Source

Four years and a dog later, my ex-boyfriend somewhat unexpectedly ended our relationship. When we moved in together years prior, I changed my attendant care and got comfortable having an extra set of hands. After he packed up, and amongst balled-up tissues, I had worries beyond the single life. I came to the realization: a long-term, live-in relationship on wheels brings a whole new set of breakup dilemmas.

Illustration by Mark Weber

Illustration by Mark Weber

My ex moved out and left me hanging — not just as my boyfriend and best friend, but as the person I relied on for some daily help. Making dinner (parts of it), getting groceries with me, buttoning my blouses, helping me with a bandage on my back, moving couches to get a misplaced dog toy. Hell, he even lovingly and willingly helped me change over and over one night during a bout of stomach flu.

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