Humbling Experience

September 6, 2013   Opinion

Tanya Krueger, blogger | Source


I fell this past April while carrying my little dog in the house for the night. Immediately, it felt just like it did so many years before when I broke my foot. It was late and I decided to wait until morning to go see the doctor. Luckily, I was being treated for TMJ, so I had some good meds to help get me through the night. The next day, I hobbled into the ER. It did not look terrible, but my foot felt like it was going to explode. They did the typical X-rays and found no fracture. I thought, “Great, just a sprain and it hurts this bad.” After two weeks the pain was just as bad and the foot was still a little swollen. I was taking prescription Ibuprofen that I had for the TMJ and I was taking the limit on the dosage.

I am hard headed and raked and bagged at least ten bags of leaves on my sore foot. Eventually, I went to my family doctor who sent me to see a podiatrist. It was late one Friday afternoon and I had new X-rays taken before I saw the specialist. I thought this was a total waste of time given I already had X-rays. I thought I either needed more time to heal from a sprain or had a partially torn tendon – at this point, a month had almost passed. When the doctor entered the room, not only did he tell me my foot was fractured, but I needed surgery on it ASAP! I was in total shock. The doctor was kind of shocked too. He looked at the original X-rays from the ER and the foot looked fine. I had not had surgery in almost thirty years and now I would need a complete physical Monday for surgery on Tuesday. With my breathing problems and strange reaction in the past to sedatives, I was really worried.

Fast forward to now. Surgery went really well. I had little pain the days after. I spent four humbling weeks in a cast using a wheelchair to get around. I cheated a lot, but it still somehow managed to heal (shh, don’t tell my really cute surgeon). I was also really worried about it healing due to my poor circulation in my feet, but the incision healed up very quickly.

I have been in the cam boot for three weeks now. It is healing well, but still very tender. I have at least two more weeks in the boot. I really miss working out and swimming, and the people I do those things with. But I am thankful God used this injury to humble me and make me appreciate my usual mobility more. Plus, I don’t think I will forget my 33rd birthday anytime soon, as I hurt my foot two days before.