McFadden qualifies for BP’s Team USA – Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games

October 1, 2015   Famous Faces

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Published September 30, 2015

Shared through Tatyana McFadden's Facebook page:
OOO my GOSHHHH, I am beyond excited to be part of team BP. Check out this amazing video below with my BP Team USA Teammates. Do you notice anything that is different in this video? Hint: Look at the athletes... no other Olympic/Paralympic sponsor has done this before. 
Thanks again BP America for helping me discover my #‎energywithin on the way to #‎Rio. Excited to be a part of BP Team USA! Can’t believe it’s less than one year away!
We at BP America are honored to sponsor seven amazing U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes for the Rio Games, including three previous BP Ambassadors. They're training not just for a chance at gold, but the opportunity to represent their country on the world's stage. Join us in supporting them on the road to Rio at and