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February 21, 2013   Opinion

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Sarah Hullby Sarah Hull
Yesterday I walked into a store with my very busy, mixed matched son (like most mornings, plaid shorts, an over sized shirt and a striped sweatshirt was his outfit of choice). Carter grabbed a yellow ball and started bouncing it just when an older lady walked in.

I thought "uh, oh, Carter is going to bounce that ball right into her and make her fall!" She stopped and took a look at Carter and then started giggling. She said "let me guess, he dressed himself this morning?" I joked, "What gave you that idea?" She laughed a little more and then told Carter how nice she thought he looked and even passed the ball back and forth with him a few times. It was really sweet.

Then she turned to me and got close and said "You are a good Mom."

I thanked her and told her how much that meant to me.

But then she continued.

She shared with me that she wished she had let her daughter pick out her own clothes when she was younger. She said she regretted not giving her that freedom to become her own person and was too concerned with making her look presentable and cute. She said she wished she could go back and let go of the small things that did not really matter. She encouraged me to continue to let him pick out his own clothes and not sweat the small stuff.

Once again, she told me "you are doing a great job" as she patted me on the back, then turned to Carter, rubbed the top of his messy hair head and off she went.

She walked one way and I walked another, but I noticed my step was a little lighter and I held my head a little taller. The time spent in the store all of a sudden seemed easier with my busy boy because "I was a good Mom" and I could handle my busy boy just fine.

Those words had changed me.

All of a sudden, I was no longer in a rush to get home to clean my house.

I took the time to sit (literally, I sat down in the aisle) and look at everything Carter was interested in looking at, because I was reminded just minutes before that it was the little things that mattered.

It was as if that sweet lady was a little angel with a very important messages to give me.

Her words left an impact on me all day long.

I felt so blessed and so thankful for that sweet moment and "Mommy Boost" that I so needed.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like a good mom and that was a really great feeling.

Twenty Four Hours Later....

I found myself once again at the store. Target. But this time, without children as they were all at school. I leaned on my cart as I walked slowly up and down the aisle, taking in the peaceful shopping trip.

I was mid way through my shopping when I spotted a mom with... the cart!!!

The one that takes up the entire aisle and will take out anyone and anything in it's way (speaking from experience)!

I looked up to see the said monster cart coming in my direction with two toddlers sitting in the big red seats. The children were getting restless but this sweet mother had the kindest voice and tried her best to entertain her children while finishing her shopping.

As I walked by her I thought how refreshing it was to witness a sweet mom in action and then I thought how nice it was to be shopping solo as I continued on my way. My invisible hat went off to her as she wrangled her toddlers and promised she would get them their juice as soon as she could.

At the checkout, I once again noticed the monster cart trying to make it's way through the tiny checkout aisle and this sweet mom apologizing to everyone she was taking out. I thought to myself "bless her heart, I have so been there" as I finished paying and started my quiet walk to my car.

But, I could not find my car.

I always park in the same spot, but this time, I had come in from a different entrance and parked in a totally different location. Once I remembered that, I spotted my car and walked in that direction.

Once I got to my car, I saw the monster cart parked right next to my car and there was that sweet mother loading in her children. Once her children were buckled in, she started unloading her groceries into her car just as I was closing up my trunk.

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It was then, I remembered the "Mommy Boost" I had the day before and the thought hit me that I had an opportunity to give this sweet mom a little boost too.

I turned to her and said "you are such a sweet Mom."

It took her off guard for a second and then she smiled and said how thankful she was to hear that because she often feels so out of control. I told her that I know that feeling all too well. I then told her I overheard her talking to her children in such a sweet way while trying to get her shopping done.

I then said what was said to me just twenty four hours earlier, "you are such a good Mom."

She was taken back and I thought maybe she was going to cry.

I explained to her that I have busy kids and that just yesterday a lady stopped me in the store and told me that I was a good mom. I told her how great I felt for the rest of the day. I shared that I hoped that she could feel like that for the rest of the day too because she was doing a great job!

She said she loved that story and that she was going to make sure pass on the "Mommy Boost."

We then said our farewells and off we went back to our homes to do the job we love most of all.

I have spent the rest of the day thinking about the "Mommy Boost" and what an awesome boost that is!

How neat would it be if we could keep the "Mommy Boost" going?

What do you say? How about a challenge this week to be on the look out for a mom who might need a little "Mommy Boost" of her own?

Together we can spread the love and make the day brighter for one, two or a hundred moms!!!

So, be on the look out this week for a mom that needs a Boost! You will totally know when you see her and then just go for it. It could be a complement, a note, a hug, a pat on the back or just a simple smile that gives her the extra Mommy boost she needs!

If you decide to do this challenge, I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment below or e-mail me. It would be fun to share "Mommy Boost" stories!