Outrage Builds Against ‘Me Before You’

June 1, 2016   Opinion

New Mobility Magazine | Source

Me-Before-EuthanasiaOutrage against the movie Me Before You by people with disabilities is escalating as the movie gets set to open in theaters on June 3.

The movie, based on JoJo Moyes’ book of the same name, bills itself as a positive, life-affirming romance — its Twitter hashtag is #LiveBoldly. But it ends with its young quadriplegic protagonist, Will Traynor, being euthanized in a Switzerland clinic, leaving his fortune to his caregiver/girlfriend so she would have financial freedom.

Pushback against the movie’s message of “better dead than disabled” began on May 23, when disabled tweeters crashed #AskSam, hosted by Sam Claflin, the actor playing Traynor.

#AskSam why don’t you #LiveBoldly ever after with Louisa? That’s what we would do,” said one tweet by Second Thoughts’ John Kelly, a quadriplegic from Boston, Massachusetts. Read the #AskSam Storify by activist Dominick Evans here.

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