Sam, college student studying education

November 14, 2013   Tributes

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Tribute PlaceholderI have a 21 year old son who was born with Spina Bifida and also has scoliosis. He has been my inspiration for what he has achieved in his life so far.

He only has one year left to become a Primary school teacher, the Royal Children's Hospital did a case study on his how we kept him in education as his health wasn't great the last 2 years of his high school.

He kept up with everything and graduated, and as I said earlier is now going to be a teacher. It inspired me that now I work in the education department as a Teachers aide and assist special needs kids to get an education.

My son Sam is a special young man who has a great future in becoming a teacher that achieved his goal in life. I always told him education is power!

Submitted by Kylie Nolan