Send a get-well card to Carter Bernhard so he's ready to meet Bruce Springsteen

March 13, 2012   Opinion

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Hey folks…Carter's mom has been keeping Facebook people updated on his medical condition the last few days. If you would like to give Carter a boost so he's feeling well enough to meet Bruce Springsteen on March 26th, send your card here:

Carter Bernhard c/o
Children's Hospital Boston
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston MA 02115
Floor 9NW

Monday, March 12, 1:44 pm
Carter had diahrea and vomiting last night after a good week. We thought it was a bug and were upset as we were suppossed to go home today. His belly got big and they did an x-ray this am. Knew things were not good when the docs called us out in the hall way. He may have a perforation in his bowels and may need surgery today... Please send prayers, healing energy, etc.

7:00 pm
Carter went into the OR for emergency surgery. We don't know exactly what they need to do or what has caused a perforation in his bowels. Praying they don't have to externalize his shunt and things are fixed safely without too much difficulty. Waiting for next update.

Tuesday, March 13, 6:10 pm
Carter didn't get out of surgery until about 11pm last night. The surgeons were able to find the hole in the intestines and removed a small section. Unfortunately, some of the bowel contents leaked and they had to externalize his shunt out of his chest. Hopefully it didn't travel into his head and so far the prelimenary tests look good. Unfortunately, once any infection clears he will have to have it internalized again. He was kept on the vent and sedated to keep him comfortable.

Update as of 6:18 pm-Carter has been stable through the night and today. He was extebated around 4:30 pm and is doing well considering we were expecting him to be intebated 2-3 days. He spoke to us and asked me to brush his teeth! Have been playing Bruce for him now while he is asleep!

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for Carter and our family! It is so moving and comforting knowing people care. The staff here at Children's Hospital in Boston are doing their best to get Carter better for his big date! If anyone wishes to send him cards, they can be sent to c/o Children's Hospital Boston, 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston MA 02115 Floor 9NW.

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