“This is the Point” Confronts Biases Around Disability, Sexuality, and Relationships

December 13, 2016   News

New Mobility Magazine | Source


This is the Point is a new play crafted as a sledgehammer to the typical assumptions around relationships, sexuality and the daily lives of people living with disabilities.

Based on My Voice, an autobiographical play by Tony Diamanti — a wheelchair user and non-verbal man with cerebral palsy and one of the four actors — This is the Point dramatizes scenes ripped right from the real lives of the two couples who wrote and star in the show.

The first couple is Diamanti and his girlfriend Liz McDougall who is verbal, but also has cerebral palsy. Both were tired of not being seen as being in a relationship or having any kind of sexual desires whatsoever by a majority of people who still assume people with disabilities are asexual.

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This is the Point ran from Nov. 4-20, 2016 at The Theatre Centre in Toronto, Ontario.