Too Old To Fit In A Box

September 30, 2016   Opinion

Tanya Krueger, blogger | Source

Democratic, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Right Winged, Left Winged all these terms have been floating around the media as the presidential race continues to be a circus of he said she said drama. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are certainly entertaining, but ready to lead our country? That’s not really what I wanted to talk about. We all know neither may not be the best for the job, but somehow we got here. We as Americans somehow let this happen and now we will have to live with the outcome.

I hate how we are supposed to fit perfectly in one box or the other. I have views that are a little of all these things. I am human and humans are complicated. We take our upbringing and our life experiences and come up with our own moral compass on how we should live our lives. I side with one group more than the other as far as politics go, but am I totally one or the other? Who is?

As a Christian I have my set of beliefs that I live by. However, I am a realist and know we live in a fallen world. Thanks to good olé Adam and Eve screwing things up for the rest of us. Was that fruit really worth it? Living in America what I believe as a Christian is right for me, but may not be what others believe. We are lucky in America to be able to be free to believers of whatever religion or non-religion we choose. We should not have public leaders without a good moral compass. They should know right from wrong and try to live by these rules. We have come to know that politicians tend not to be the most trusted individuals. That’s part of the reason we have lack of trust of these people who we need to be able to trust the most.

In a perfect world we would not have political parties. We would have best man or women for the job. A regular Joe Shmoe would be able to run and actually have a chance to win. It would not be a matter of how much money the person can raise or who they are friends with. They would not need the parties powerful backing to be able to stay afloat. Of course these are all things for a perfect world, and that will have to wait for another time.

As a disabled American I do not see any candidates fighting for my future. I see one politician mocking the disabled and the other using them as poster children. They are not fighting for me to be able to have health insurance all while saving for my future. I don’t see them fighting for my ability to marry without being kicked off the system and losing my benefits. Why are they not fighting for us to be able to work without so many restrictions? No one is talking about the issues that affect me on a daily basis.

I cannot save money in order to get through my next financial crisis. I also cannot take a better job or take a raise without losing my much needed medical insurance. Many disabled Americans have it far worse. They are either stuck at home living with ageing parents or shipped off to some nursing or assisted living home. Their independence is never given to them, because it would cost too much to achieve. These are just a couple topics that the disabled community have to deal with on a daily basis. More programs and funding needs to be talked about for people in these situations. Not one candidate has brought up any of these topics. Why would they? We are the minority and we are not the most vocal of groups. Heck lots of us can’t even leave the house due to lack of resources.

Who you vote for or intend to vote for used to be a private event. Nowadays we can’t wait to share any type of feelings on social media. Our free speech is not free and it does come at a price. By posting, sharing, liking, and all the other things that go along with this social movement we are also losing valuable friendships, causing family riffs, and even putting our employment in jeopardy. It’s so easy to just type something at any moment or share something we agree with. We don’t realize by putting every little feeling out there we are upsetting people. Heated discussions take place every day online over police, race, politics, religion and all sorts of other topics. It is making the United States anything, but untied. Sometimes it’s good to step back and think about what you are posting. A lot of stories that circulate online are at the very least are only partial true. Look at all the so called celebrity death hoax that get circulated like Bon Jovi, Betty White and more recently Jaden Smith.

We are not going to make America great again. It was never great. Like everything it has had some good, bad, and lots of in between. The one thing we can do to make our country better is to be kind to others. To do our homework before we speak out about something. To let your emotions not speak for you. Take a break when upset before taking your frustration and anger to social media. I myself am guilty at times for letting my emotions and the ease of social media get me riled up. My last tip of advice is you’re human let yourself be a little complicated. It gives you character!