With new physical therapist comes new ideas

March 6, 2012   Opinion

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by Megs Pollock
Akron, OH— Jordan has now been assigned to another physical therapist for our biweekly appointments at the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities due to some scheduling conflicts. We have seen Ms. Sandy twice and have been grateful for her expertise in the area of body tissue. Our first visit did not last long enough.

She educated Randy and I about Jordan’s skin. Due to the baby fat rolls on the back of his legs, and his ankle being pulled up in a position that he doesn’t move as often as other babies, his skin is beginning to adhere. It is an area we had noticed, but thought it would work itself out.

She taught us a technique to gently place our fingers on either side to allow the skin to maneuver itself out. We were amazed at the decrease in shiny red skin within a few days of this technique.

Ms. Sandy also gave instructions on scar management. Jordan’s scar from his back closure has some scar tissue towards the bottom of the scar. Again, an area we thought would heal on its own. Of course it would have done its own thing, but this technique will assist in decreasing scar tissue build-up beneath the skin.

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Along with the skin integrity, she demonstrated some techniques that will allow Jordan to learn to sit up and gently place himself on the ground. We have had a few incidences where he hasn’t gone down as gently as we would like.

An activity that we’ve talked about is getting him to play with his toys with his feet. Jordan is able to flex his hips and flex and extend his knee. It’s not as graceful or forceful as most babies, but he’s getting it, little by little.

A lot of these activities require time and discipline. Over the past two weeks we have had extra appointments, side jobs, social events, and the rolling on of everyday life. I’m not sure where our little routine went, but it’s definitely an area I would like to get back to.

Randy is really good at working on the homework from the therapy sessions. I find it rewarding and am thankful for his flexible job that allows him to attend Jordan’s appointments so he sees firsthand what we need to work on. It also saves me from having to relay the message to him.

Speaking of appointments and skin, we will be visiting Jordan’s dermatologist this week to have his birth mark reassessed for color and growth. The little man was first seen in August, and there wasn’t an alarming look to it so they cleared us for 6 months.

The dermatologist said it shouldn’t be a problem. However, he did suggest if Jordan would be scheduled for any surgeries to request it be removed as a precaution.

This is also the week we will be introduced to Jordan’s first set of AFO braces. We were fit after Jordan’s Myelo Clinic appointment by Bryan at Hanger Orthodics.

It was interesting to see how they are created to form to Jordan’s leg and foot, along with positioning his feet in plantar (pointed down) flexion.

Jordan will wear these braces at night to assist in stretching his feet to prevent them from moving up toward his body. We are praying it will stretch them enough to avoid surgery when he starts to pull up and want to walk.

We are so thankful for Akron Children’s Hospital, as well as other community professionals. It moistens my eyes to think of God’s hand guiding us to the right people at the right time.

To be honest, in the past month, He has brought us support from new families and friends. AMAZING!

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