Young boy with spina bifida the new face of Weetbix

November 8, 2016   Famous Faces

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by Conor Whitten

Auckland, New Zealand —For 23 years, kids of all abilities have challenged themselves in the Weetbix* Kids Tryathlon.

Five of those kids are so impressive, Weetbix has put them on the cereal box - and one of those special athletes proves attitude is all that counts.

Jaden Movold is running out of room for the spoils of his sporting exploits - he's a veteran of 17 Weetbix Kids Tryathlons, an impressive feat for anyone at 12 years old.

But for a kid who can't walk, it's a marathon effort - not that it's slowing him down one bit.

"I wanna get 20 triathlons, which is coming up, and I might actually wanna get 30 triathlons," he says.

Jaden was born with spina bifida - a condition that's put him through 22 major surgeries and hundreds of other minor operations.

But none of it has stopped him doing what he loves - completing every leg of each triathlon, racing on both land and sea.

"I just love competing - it's a great atmosphere and all the organisers are great and I just love crossing the finish line," he says.

All that has the sponsors so impressed, they've put Jaden's face on the Weetbix box. It's a sign he's already a sporting success, but Jaden has much bigger goals in mind.

"With swimming, I want to go to the Paralympics when I'm older - in 2024, or 2020."

Jaden's mother Lise Baldwin is never far from his side as he trains twice a week towards that goal.

"He's an incredible kid," she beams proudly. "He just has this attitude that I can do it, I'm like anybody else, and why not me?"

He's a role model already - and he's not done yet. This young race veteran's got many more to come.


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*Weet-Bix is a high-fibre and low-sugar breakfast cereal biscuit manufactured in Australia and New Zealand by the Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company, and in South Africa by Bokomo. Wikipedia