Sisters’ Blog Documents ‘Jerks and Perks’ on “The Disabled Life”

November 16, 2016

Wheelchair users have been “rolling” with laughter over the recently popular Tumblr blog, “The Disabled Life.” The brainchild of Canadian sisters Jessica and Lianna Oddi, this illustrative blog puts a hilarious yet brutally honest spin on navigating life in a wheelchair and documents the “jerks and perks of living the

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Does Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help? At What Cost?

November 1, 2016

Illustration by Mark WeberRiley Poor had been on bedrest for months trying to heal a pressure sore. He had grown so accustomed to the nerve pain and spasms he dealt with that they were beginning to seem normal. That’s when his partner, Andrea Peruzzi, suggested he look into hyperbaric oxygen

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Donald Trump’s Ableism is Downright Scary

October 28, 2016

Trump’s mocking insults have aggressive undertones for people with disabilities — and that’s a frightening thingWhen Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a disability, and when it came out that he called a deaf woman “retarded,” it caused a lot of uproar in the disability community. We are all-too-often made

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Onto Ghent, Belgium to attend Turning Points with IFSBH

October 26, 2016

by Laura Tellado, FounderThe Laurita Spina Bifida ProjectYou may know by now that Papi (Miguel), Mami (Myrna), and I have been traveling in Brussels, Belgium for the past four days. Today, we got up early and are excited to be in one of our favorite world cities— PARIS!! The reason I

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Life with Spina Bifida: Hydrocephalus

October 18, 2016

by Shannon PhillipsThe nurses measured my head to see if I would have hydrocephalus, which is backup fluid into the head.Twelve days later, I had surgery to insert a shunt, It's a tube that goes into the head down into the stomache to drain the fluid.When it would break down,

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Children Can Learn More to Make a Better Society

October 8, 2016

As a child with disability growing up was never easy for me as I was bullied from time to time. Giving it a thought, life could have been better for me and

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Backbones’ Reveca Torres Takes on BP

October 3, 2016

By Josie ByzekPhoto by Kyle LamereI saw a BP [British Petroleum] ad highlighting the sponsorship of five Paralympian athletes. I was very happy to see this and then immediately wondered if these disabled athletes are able to pump their gas. Is it a daunting task as it is for me? For

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Too Old To Fit In A Box

September 30, 2016

Democratic, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Right Winged, Left Winged all these terms have been floating around the media as the presidential race continues to be a circus of he said she said drama. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are certainly entertaining, but ready to lead our country? That’s not really

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Shannon Phillips: After Birth

September 26, 2016

by Shannon PhillipsAfter I was born, the doctor woke my mother and told her I had some problems. He said I had myelomeningocele, a heart murmur, and clubbed feet. He asked my mother if she wanted to see me. She said, "yes," and they showed her my face, my back,

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Did We Only Take from the Civil Rights Movement?

September 23, 2016

For years I have taught how influential the Civil Rights Movement had been for many of the leaders and soldiers in the Independent Living Movement, so I am becoming increasingly concerned about why I am not seeing more disability leaders and activists speaking out more concerning the discrimination and oppression

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Travel Opportunities for People with Disabilities Have Increased, but Is it Too Late For Me?

September 21, 2016

By Sheri Denkensohn-TrottTravel opportunities for people with disabilities have markedly increased over the last decade. But I wonder if it is 20 years too late for me.As a quadriplegic injured for 33 years, it is not easy to deal with activities of daily living in my home environment, and travel adds

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Shannon Phillips: My Life

September 21, 2016

by Shannon PhillipsI was born in 1976 on November 11. I am now 39 years old. My mother didn't know what Spina Bifida was, so she had to learn. The doctors told her I wouldn't live past 10 years old, walk, or talk. They also told her I'd be retarded,

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Eating Right When the Budget’s Tight

September 1, 2016

People with SCI are at risk of developing a host of serious, debilitating and potentially life-threatening secondary health complications. A nutritious diet can help prevent and/or manage many of these conditions. However, finding ways to eat well on a tight budget can be a challenge. Here are 10 tips on

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Life in the Cripple Lane

August 31, 2016

by Paul BrailerJen Pezzo PhotographyIf you have never used a wheelchair, braces, or crutches for more than an hour or two, then you probably don't have a clue what it’s like living in the “cripple lane.” Most of my life, I've experienced discouragement from people who did not believe in

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Religious Organizations Must Be Inclusive

August 22, 2016

Temple Emanu-El of West Essex in Livingston, New Jersey, installed this ramp to its bima to better serve its members. Photo by Johanna Ginsburg/New Jersey Jewish News.When it comes to disability, religious organizations still do not fully understand inclusion. As a result, they are missing an opportunity to learn, adapt,

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